Kimberly Caldwell, indeed is in the new chapter of being a motherhood. Check out below of the things she have to say about it!

The new mom, Kimberly, stated to PEOPLE about the challenge saying,

“I feel like everybody sugarcoats it because they don’t want to sound ungrateful, we just couldn’t be happier, but at the same time, it really is a challenge. But it’s the greatest challenge and we’re up for it!”


As for more, the following are some of the question and answers for the couple according to PEOPLE:

Tell us a little bit about how you decided on the name Harlow Monroe?

“We had been together for over five years before we got married on New Year’s Eve. We had been talking about starting a family for a very long time, so we had a list of names we’d thought about for boys and names we’d thought about for girls. When we found out we were pregnant and we found out she was a girl — we found out at 12 weeks — nothing that we had written felt right and so we went back to the drawing board.

My husband one day researched and looked up names and had a list. One night over dinner, we were talking and thinking and Harlow came up, and I thought, “That is such a beautiful name.”

I really liked the name Monroe, but he thought it was just a little too Hollywood for a first name. On the drive home, he said, “Well, I really like Harlow.” And I said, “Me too,” and both of us said, “Well, how about Harlow Monroe?” We had that moment where we looked into each other’s eyes and we were like, oh my God, that’s totally her and kind of teared up. That’s when we knew for sure that’s who she was.”


Do you think Harlow resembles you or your husband?

“She has my husband’s eyes, just the way they’re set. She’s definitely Daddy’s girl, but she’s got a cute little round nose which I think is my nose. She’ll have a little bit of both of us. We’re both very round people and she’s very round even though she’s so tiny.

I got pretty big in my pregnancy so I was like, I’m going to have the plumpest baby, I’m so excited to have this chubby, chunky baby and then she came out like 5 lbs. I was like, where’s the rest of her?!

She’s just been eating like a champ. I’ve been breastfeeding and she’s been latching great. She’s finally getting a little chubbier and we get super excited about every ounce that she gains when we weigh her.”


Do you remember the first time she smiled?

“There was one time he got a really good grin from her and of course we don’t know whether it’s gas or a grin, but we don’t really care either way. Daddy got the first grin.

I was on FaceTime with my mom a couple days ago and she was talking to her and she got a pretty big grin so now we’ve gotten a couple of them. She’s starting to respond when we tickle her and play with her. Your heart just explodes every time she does anything.”


What kind of parents do you think you’ll be?

“I know so many people have seen us out and they’re like, “Oh, you’re already out with the baby!” I think we’re really trying not to whisper around her and be as normal as possible, which is a completely different version of normal. We’ve gone out to eat with our friends and we took her to the soccer game. We’re getting her dressed up and we’re all being superheroes for Halloween and we’re gonna take her to the pumpkin patch.

We’re gonna try to embrace being a family. We’re so excited about the fact that we’ve created this family. I’m so ready to heal and to really get out there so that we can go full force, start doing activities and introduce her to all the wonderful things that life has to offer. We won’t just be sitting around.”

It may be challenging for Kimberly, but as we all know, she is doing just as great as every mom! 



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