It is indeed given for Jennifer Lawrence and Willow Shields to be playing together as sisters in Hunger Games for over 6 years, eventually led them to feel like real family!


Shields, 15, tells PEOPLE about her personal experience with Jennifer Lawrence stating,

“My first scene with Jen was the nightmare scene where I wake up crying. That’s a very emotional scene, and it kinda breaks the ice right away. I mean, you’re lying in bed together crying.”

Jennifer Lawrence, on being the big-sister as she is, quickly calmed down and ease the tension.

“Jen just made a ton of jokes, which made it a lot easier,”

Shields added,

“She also was like, ‘It’s okay if you can’t cry after like the 10th take – I can’t either!’ So she was really sweet.”

Not only that Jennifer acted as a big sister to Shields, she became Shield’s own mentor as well which eventually Shields called Jen her own sister to best friend relationship, as she says,

“We started with me being really young and her being like my big sister, as I got older she became more like a best friend to me.”

She, as well, had something to say to Jen and Josh stating,

“Jen and Josh know how to be professional in their scenes but have a lot of fun, but honestly, the majority of the jokes I can’t even say! But it was hilarious, and it made it so much fun. I grew up quickly in that sense too!”

Shields added,

“I think the first few movies, they tried to lay off the super inappropriate jokes and we even had a swear jar for a while, But after that, it was just like, ‘Oh, you’re 13 and a half. Whatever. You’re old enough now! You’re basically an adult!”

Lastly, a sweet remembrance from Jennifer made Shields extremely happy which she stated, 

“Jen gave me a necklace. It has a little star on it. I wear it a lot.”



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