Facebook may have plans aiming for the day Google remove Facebook Android app by offering various way for users to constantly download and update the app.


According to The Information, Facebook has been constructing a plan in secret to back up in case Google and Facebook products can no longer be in use in tandem.

Indeed, Facebook desires for functions only to be offered by Google for its software apparently to its Android app developers.

The Facebook’s own servers itself can restore the app if Google decided to make Facebook no longer available for Android users via Play store as well as services including in-app payments will not be accessible, updates, and push notifications. This can be applied only if it is required.

Another option could be using Oculus VR app to offer Facebook mobile app’s updates and installation which is currently present to over 10 Million of Samsung users worldwide.

The Information then claimed that the Facebook may purposely crash its app for a number of hours on various devices due to testing its user-base loyalty.

Google has been stated to have dropped an app of Amazon.com for the violation of app store rules.

It is indeed not the first time Facebook has done this according to then people who were involved about such planning. Facebook, on the other hand, plans to develop an alternative to Google Maps as well.



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