Read on for Victoria’s Secret first open of their south-east Asia flagship store in Orchard Road, Singapore! 

flagship store

By the year-end, expect a full of sexy ensemble and wares from Victoria’s Secret at Mandarin Gallery. Having 12,000 sq ft outlet in the coming fourth quarter of the year.

It is a two-storey store that occupied the former Bathing Ape and Bimba Y Lola, and Mont Blanc. The mentioned brands will then move to other areas in a four-storey mall.

In the level two of the store, it will feature some of the largest American retailer of women’s lingerie. Unlike the other nine current Victoria’s secret stores in Singapore which comes with a small range of women’s underwear, along with accessories and fragrances.

As stated by a senior vice-president of retail, Ms Patrina Tan, at Overseas Union Enterprises,

“Mandarin Gallery has always been known to be a mall that houses the best of the best in retail and food. We have the king of ramen, the king of ribs. So naturally, Victoria’s Secret echoes and reinforces what the mall stands for,”

She added,

“There are plans for the brand to hold fashion shows on top of other events.”

Experts then included that South-east Asia can be one of the advantages of having international retailers to purposely emerge markets.

As stated by Ms Sarah Lim, a Singapore Polytechnic’s senior retail lecturer,

“Singapore is seen as an ideal test bed for brands looking to break into South-east Asian markets, and is viewed as an important place to build brand awareness,”

She added,

“They don’t just sell products, but strengthen their brand with fashion shows and experiential shopping. Other brands can learn from them.”

Until then, more and more Victoria’s Secret fans were hyped about the news, as well as shoppers like Mrs Gina Farr, a fitness trainer, stated,

“The quality is great, and there will be a wider range, including bras. The range of items they have here now is too small.”



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