What more can piss off viewers? People are seen to be mad and outraged after finding out Victoria’s Secret only chooses slim women for activewear!

slim model

Recently on an Instagram post, the Victoria’s Secret started off countdown for January 7 as they call it the year’s biggest sport event.

As seen below are the commenters that pretty much majority had something to say about the ‘slim’ models.

@madameleprechaun: “Um where are the athletic normal looking women?”

@greegor23: “@Victoriassecret You’re selling fitness gear but these models are far too thin for any woman in fitness to take seriously. They have zero lean muscle mass. Have you considered actual fitness models for this particular line and keep the (still way too thin) models for the lingerie? Something to consider.”

@_megnicod: “These girls are too slim to be promoting a healthy, positive body and lifestyle.”

@denise_127 said, “they look like tall bamboo sticks running,” “but they gorg.,” “it’s just that i think this shouldn’t represent ‘sport.‘” 

The comments may be somewhat offending, as well as that ‘bamboo sticks’ they named after the slim models, but they do have a point. However, skinny shaming isn’t always the right thing to do.

As added by @mermaidzangels

“they really should though the more variety of clothes sizes the more people of those sizes who will shop and the more money they’d make :)”.

A commenter then replied,

@ashless_ccake, “seriously, they should go up to 2x or 3x with their clothes. They don’t even go up to XL which is crazy. And I think their sizes run a bit small for some stuff. :/ I would love to look cute at the gym in some VS sport stuff. But a Medium is not in everyone’s reach.”

What do you think about the majority’s opinion? Let us know in the comments below.



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