Teaching Assistant Caroline Berriman Jailed Once Again For Grooming Teenage Student

Caroline Berriman

Caroline Berriman was a teaching assistant at Abraham Moss Community School which is located in north Manchester. The assaulter indeed had a previous record of the incident of having sex with a 15-year-old pupil, and yet has recently been jailed for grooming a teenage student.

In the statement according to the Attorney’s General’s office is the following written below:

“Caroline Berriman, who worked as a trusted classroom assistant, groomed and then took advantage of a teenage boy, plainly abusing that position of trust. I referred the case to the Court of Appeal because the original sentence failed to fully reflect the ages of the defendant and the victim. I am therefore pleased the Court of Appeal today imposed a two-year immediate prison term on Berriman which should reassure the public and send out a strong message that teenagers of both genders have a legal right to be protected from grooming and sexual interference.”

In accordance to the Court of Appeal, she was recently suspended for two-year sentence initially as due to the various complaints from a local MP, and the crowd.

 Caroline Berriman

Berriman, who is 30-year-old, took advantage with a teenage boy and started a relationship during her shift as a classroom assistant as Manchester Evening News reports. Until then, she was suspended and eventually, had left school. Caroline was then pleaded guilty for assaulting and taking advantage of a child not one, but two times in doing sexual activities. As for the teenager, he has now left his school, and was reported absent during the court for the hearings.

Caroline Berriman



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