Sofia Vergara vs. Nick Loeb on Frozen Embryos Case: Who’s Gonna Win?

Sofia Vergara Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara just lost her battle over the frozen embryos against her ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb. In 2014, the two decided to keep two female embryos frozen in case they would love to have children. But after breaking up, Sofia wants to have the embryos destroyed, as she doesn’t want to have Nick use them. Nick, on the other hand, plans to raise the children by hiring a surrogate to carry the embryos.

In Touch reported that Sofia Vergara received a bad news on October 27 about the rejection of her motion to dismiss Nick’s lawsuit. Because of this, they are going to trial for the frozen embryos case. I bet all of you would like to see how this case would turn out, as this is really a bizarre custody case.

The stress brought by the court battle and the possibility that she can have illegitimate children with Nick plus her upcoming wedding with Joe Manganiello, which is less than a month from now, put Sofia on the brink of meltdown.

“Sofía is devastated. But Nick is committed to saving and bringing these embryos to term via surrogate. He’s going to see this thing through until the end. [Sofía]’s just praying that her legal team finds a way to persuade the judge that this can’t go through without her blessing,” an insider told the In Touch.



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