There are certain headlines about Justin and Kourtney hooking up lately, and with this, it’s finally time to get the attention of Selena.

As stated by a source,

Justin and Selena have spoken since the news broke that he’s been hooking up with Kourtney. Selena asked him point blank if it was true and Justin didn’t deny it. He was kind of flattered that she asked because in his mind that means Selena still cares. But Selena doesn’t see it that way at all. She’s 100% into Niall Horan,”

The source added,

He has had a huge ego boost from hooking up with Kourt. It’s been going on for a few months,”

“He is used to being swooned by young girls that have nothing else going on. Kourt is a hot mom with a career.”
“Justin said she is the hottest chick he has ever been with. He thinks Scott Disick is a tool for screwing up his relationship with Kourtney.”


As the source tells about Justin’s about Kourtney,

He more thought, ‘Wow,’ and couldn’t believe that she would go for him,’”

“He brags about how hot she is. He is happy while it lasts. Even if she is using him to get back at Scott, he couldn’t care less.”

Lastly, a source stated that it wasn’t Justin trying to keep their relationship.

Justin is not the one pushing for this relationship. “It’s actually Kourtney that is calling Justin and letting him know when she wants to hook up for a booty call! Justin had tried to keep the relationship low key, but Kourtney said that wasn’t necessary. She has nothing to hide and is a grown woman having some fun.”



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