Samsung sponsors Rihanna’s concert!


Samsung has recently made a $25 million sponsorship deal with Rihanna for her upcoming tour and album. New York Post reported that this deal took seven months to be processed, a period that’s longer than expected as Rihanna have had some changes to her album Anti.

Her manager, Jay Brown, and Jay Z were the ones who helped Rihanna with the deal. Jay Z was previously reported to be seen leaving the Samsung’s office. Rumors spread that he is selling TIDAL there, but they made it clear that he was there to discuss about the deal.

Samsung agreed to a partnership with the singer, while Rihanna will promoted Samsung’s Galaxy products in return. Samsung will also use Rihanna’s videos for its latest app, Milk Music.

The official date of release for Rihanna’s Anti album wasn’t announced yet, but it is believed that they will launch the album before this year ends.



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