Miss Washington USA was indeed won by a former football league, Stormy Keffeler that occurred on Sunday, October 18th

MissWA2016_SRAs the Miss Washington USA pageant having the qualities of football base on preparation, physical fitness, and competitions, it is surely given that Stormy will move on to challenge at Miss USA, and then by potential, Miss Universe.

The winner beat other 34 contestants with a competition of categories such as Evening Gown, Swimwear, and Interview. Afterwards, having only 16 contestants for the finals, and lastly the Top 5 which include the judge to finalize a last question.

As for Stormy Keffeler, the final question was stated below,

Judge Jason Ramos asked, “It’s all about making a difference; what is your difference going to be?”

“Well, I am very passionate about sports… I have reaped the benefits of the leadership, discipline and determination and I want to spread that into the youth because that is something that can create a better future for all of us,” answers Stormy Keffeler.

6649-Miss-Washington-USA-SUN-2016.jpg Stormy Keffler, Miss Washington USA 2016 | Claire Wright, Miss Washington Teen USA 2016 © Jerry and Lois Photography All rights reserved http://www.jerryandlois.com

As for Stormy Keffler’s background, she has been studying journalism, and desired to be a ESPN sports sideline commentator due to being sports fanatic.

Judge Marc Anothony Nicolas, on the hand, mentioned his mixed emotions on picking the winner.

It’s so difficult and great having to actually change a person’s life,”

As he added,

“This morning I was like, ‘Oh my God, there will be someone leaving here with their lives changed and changing the world!’ I am so proud to be part of Miss USA.”

As for more, judges indeed mentioned that all women are considered winners, and possibly only one could get the sash and the crown – and that is, Stormy Keffeler!



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