Nicola Peltz’ Tutorial of her Burgundy Eye Make up

The weather’s getting colder, and the girls must have been searching for new ways to achieve a warm look! Stop worrying, because Nicola Peltz made a tutorial for you to achieve the burgundy winged eyeshadow she had worn during the InStyle Award last October 26. The steps are very easy, so get ready with your make up palettes!

nicola peltz

Step 1. Always keep a neutral and cool-toned complexion for your eyeshadow if you are planning to use a red tone. Apply first a foundation primer to get rid of the flushes and allow a few minutes to make them sink into your skin. Step 2. Apply then the matte liquid foundation using a clean sponge. Start at the center and work outwards in circle patterns. Add a light blush on to your cheeks and let it blend in to your matte powder. Step 3. And now, here comes Nicola’s burgundy eye shadow! Apply the eye primer on your lids first to make your eye makeup last longer and to avoid the ‘panda-eye’ look. Step 4. Using a brown pencil eye liner, work out on your upper and lower lashes. Choose the shade of burgundy eye make up that you want and apply them over your eyelids. Spread evenly to the creaselines and outwards. Step 5. To achieve a smoky edge, smudge the lower corner lashes using a precision application brush. Apply a dark pink eyeshadow on the inner lids, and blur the corner using a soft eyeshadow brush. And for the finale, use a mascara to thicken your lashes and a pale nude lipstick for a perfect look!



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