Marc Jacobs releases limited Decadence bottles with his signature

decadence bottle

This year, Marc Jacobs released a new fragrance which he names as Decadence. The creation’s head notes consist of Italian plum, saffron and iris, while the middle notes comprises of Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac and iris root. For the base notes of the perfume, papyrus wood, liquid amber, and vetiver were used by Jacobs. The new fragrance can be purchased as 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml bottles.

 decadence bottle.1

Decadence is perfect to be used during the late autumn and throughout the winter. The composition and the woody scent of this perfume becomes stronger during such seasons. Its raw material, oud, works best during cool and snowy months. When in contact with cold temperatures, the molecules tend to contract, thus, making a strong impression and keeping the scent in check.

Upon releasing this fragrance, Marc Jacobs have signed a limited number of Decadence bottles to be out in the market.




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