Man enters the plane and found himself already seated!

Neil Thomas Douglas

Nothing’s really surprising than walking on to a plane and see yourself, already seated inside. That’s what happened to Neil Thomas Douglas just last week. He must’ve had the most shocking moment of his life!

“At first it took me back a bit, but then I just burst out laughing,” Douglas said.

Last Thursday, Douglas boarded on a plane for his flight to Galway, Ireland. To his surprise, he sat next to a man with a hair, beard and body that’s exactly the same as his. But wait, there’s more! Douglas’ dentist tweeted him to say that it’s not just the facial features that exactly match, but even their teeth!

Much to their surprise, Douglas and his look-alike from London have the same tastes also. “Well, what happened when we got off the flight, I went to the hotel where I was staying, and he was actually staying in the same hotel,” said Douglas. “So … I got in late, went for a shower and went out to sample Galway’s nightlife. And the first bar I went into, he was there. So we had a pint and a laugh about it, you know.”

Douglas went to Galway for a wedding, while the other Douglas was there to attend a party.

A person who looks the same as you is called by most people as doppelganger, a term that was first used in 1796 by a German writer. He explained its meaning as “the dark harbinger phenomenon.” This word entered the English language during the mid-19th century.



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