Long Term Married Couple Cat Cora and Jennifer Cora Filed for Divorce 2015

Cat Cora and jennifer cora

As tragedy as it sounds, the married long-term relationship between Cat Cora and Jennifer Cora has ended. They have been together since 2013 and as TMZ Reports, the married couple has both filed for a divorce on the same day having each of some additional requests in filing the papers.

With this, Cat Cora has requested joint physical custody, while Jennifer Cora asked full custody of the couple’s four sons namely Nash, Thatcher, Caje, and Zoran who were all still in the age of below teenage years. Having said that, Cat Cora gave birth to Nash and Jennifer carried the three other sons who are Thatcher, Caje, and Zoran.

Since then, Cat Cora has been the breadwinner of their long-term relationship having Jennifer to be asking for spousal support.

 Cat Cora and jennifer cora

For more information, the Food Network Star along with Cat Cora’s work on Iron Chef America had shared her problems. Having said that, it was stated that she was previously arrested for a DUI which was occurred last 2012. It was then stated by the well-known chef, “I deeply regret my decision to drive that evening after my designated driver became unavailable.” It was indeed included with a shocking glam mugshot.

As for her career in cooking industry, she has recently wrote her memoir entitled “Cooking as Fast as I Can” Until then, she has also been invited to be a guest on Cutthroat Kitchen. Cat Cora’s career has been success with having an existing four restaurant which were operated by her, and is considered one of the original American Iron Chefs; Thus, she is indeed known as a celebrity chef.

In regards to the divorce, Cat Cora and Jennifer Cora had their separate ways. Having to find new chapters in life, and handling every trials and struggle with independency and strength as possible.



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