Pat McGrath, a successful make-up artist who is considered as one of the world’s most celebrated fashion artist involving most of the famous celebrities and couture in her career.

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Pat McGrath with Karl Lagerfeld Rex

The make-up artist had worked with the likes of Maison Margiela, and McQueen to Galliano! On the other hand, she had contracts with some of the amazing make-up brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Cover girl, and Max factor. 

As to mention her line of cosmetics, her first foray was Pat McGrath Gold 001 last released in September.


It is consist of pressed gold and yellow pigment which can be worn safely with dry or wet. The make-up was so demanded that is was sold out in five seconds flat. For more, pots are now available on Ebay ranging from £120 a pop.

As Prada stated to a source,

‘If a brand were to launch this product it would take them three years to develop.  Me, I can go to the lab myself and get it straight out.’ 

Knowing about the make-up artist, and her first foray in cosmetics. One must definitely know about Phantom 002.

Having said that, what is Phantom 002?


Phanton 002 cost about $240, yes, using this can give you four available pigments in which you can use it for your cheeks, eyes, lips in stunning colors such as gold, electric blue, fuschia, and oxblood copper. These can be used for both dry and wet, along with a gel liner, black eyegloss, and two brushes available in the kit in which will soon be launched on December 15.

As stated by McGrath,

“It is perfect for punk femme fatale.”





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