Kenya Kinski Jones: Soon to be the Next Big Model

Ever since her interview on Into the Gloss, many of us can’t stop now laying our eyes on Kenya Kinski-Jones. Kenya is the daughter of the former model Nastassja Kinski and the music producer Quincy Jones. Rashida Jones, therefore, is her half sister.

kenya kinski jones

In an interview with WWD, the 22-year-old model said, “I grew up not at all in the spotlight. I think my parents really kept things down to Earth for me.” She was talking about how she did not grow up with cameras on her side, even though she was born from a famous family. But then, Kenya did not expect that the spotlight will make a way towards her.

kenya kinski jones

After signing with the Ford Models when she was 18, she also took part in the advertisements of Calvin Klein and Uniqlo. She has been featured as well in different popular magazines like Town & Country and Teen Vogue.

kenya kinski jones

The Calvin Klein star is currently going out with Nicola Peltz’s brother, Will Peltz, who is also a model. You might want to follow her on her Instagram account so you’ll find out immediately in case she becomes the next big model, which, we all know, can happen really soon!



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