Karl Lagerfeld’s exhibit displays his photography works

karl lagerfeld

Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, showcased his work in his new exhibition called Visual Journey. The highlight of the presentation, which was displayed at the Pinacothèque de Paris art gallery, is Lagerfeld’s photography.

At the art gallery, Lagerfeld displayed some of his excellent shots of Diane Kruger and Baptiste Giabiconi. Other models were shown as well including Anna Ewers, Jessica Stam, Saskia de Brauw and Kendall Jenner.

Eric Pfrunder, the image director of Chanel, expressed his admiration for Lagerfeld’s skills. “Karl has an eye. He’s not taking 300 shots. He’s doing five, maybe six. Generally, it’s the first frame that is the best. He’s very fast because he has one vision, and that’s it… He knows exactly what he has in the frame. There are no accidents, no surprises,” he declared.

In response to Pfrunder’s statement, Lagerfeld says that it’s a strange feeling for him that they would always use the very first photo he would take. “And I’m very bad on retakes. That’s why I think it’s interesting not to do thousands of photos hoping there will be a good one,” he added.

Lagerfield’s exhibit, Visual Journey, is up for public view at Pinacothèque de Paris until March 20, 2016.



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