Josh Davis’ Sweet Engagement to Raelynn Explained with Details

RaeLynn Shares

We’ve all been in love, and we have been eager to tell about it to anyone. Just as for Realynn, she is excited to share around the world about the details on his boyfriend, Josh Davis’ engagement with her. As it goes, Realynn talks about what occurred during the engagement in details. How sweet is that?

It was then the amazing situation occurred on October 12, 2015, romantic Davis ride Raelynn to place that are important to them, such as recalling memories which eventually questioned Raelynn. They have gone to Nashville’s Belmont University, and had gotten their very first kiss.

With Realynn statements below prior to The Boot, adds a humorous joke which reflects a funny person as she is.

“He told me we were going on a business dinner with him and his boss. He told me to get super dressed up and wear something I like, I should have taken that as a clue, but I didn’t, because I’m blond.”

“I went downstairs, and he had clue one waiting there. I walked outside to find that my best friend was sitting in the front seat of my car, and she was like, ‘Get in. We’re going on a scavenger hunt,’” RaeLynn continues. “And then I started crying, because I knew what was about to happen.” “… It was so sweet,” she adds. “Josh is my best friend. He makes me better. He’s so supportive.”

“We went to this wedding, our friend’s wedding, a couple weeks later and kind of hit it off. We dated for a little bit, and then we didn’t know,” RaeLynn recalls. “We knew we really liked each other, but we weren’t sure about it, so we were just friends for about a year, and then we realized we really loved each other.”

The sweet couple had met three years ago. However, they had not been in a relationship just as quick, it took some time, and they eventually revealed they wanted to be together. Having said that, Raelynn being excited, has been planning to start her upcoming wedding on the road.

Way to go, Raelynn and Josh!



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