After five years of dating, the underwear model and the ex-Formula One world champion had an ‘amicable’ split.

Jenson and Jessica

As reported by the star’s representative,

Jenson and Jessica have decided to go their separate ways and it is very amicable. There is no-one else involved.”

For more, it was reported that there was no prenuptial agreement set in place for Jenson’s estimated worth of £35m fortune. As stated by a source who is close to the pair told The Sun,
Jenson and Jessica did not have any financial arrangement before their marriage,”

He added,

There are ongoing discussions between them about money, but it’s too early to say how it will pan out.”

The couple indeed confirmed their split with their last picture on Instagram that are over seven weeks ago below, along with Jessica completely quit using Twitter in October.

Jenson and Jessica

With this, their last appearance together was at the American Grand Prix last October in Texas.

Jenson and Jessica

As stated by Jenson last week,

It’s difficult for any mechanic or engineer to have a relationship right now, so 21 races is going to be tough. I hope it doesn’t grow in 2017.”

He then revealed the troublesome between them saying,

We don’t see each other now any more than before we were married.”

Jenson and Jessica

Jessica, on the other hand, spends most of the time in Tokyo where she shares moments with her mother. For Jenson, he spends the time alone in his own ‘bachelor’ pad in which he later said in an interview,

Jessie still works a lot in Japan. She enjoys her job, she models, she had a television show and has done a Japanese film.”

He added,

She enjoys working, which is great, but it obviously means that we don’t see each other very often.”

Jenson and Jessica

Jenson then admitted that his busy schedule didn’t able to make him meet Jessica’s scheduled dates. As he stated,

I’m travelling so much with racing that I can’t say: ‘I’m going to have a weekend off Formula 1 and come to Japan to see you,’ It just doesn’t happen like that with sport.”

Jenson and Jessica

As he added things about himself,

She’ll come to half the races but when I’m at a race, I’m not the same person as when I am not at a race.”

“I have to be selfish. I have to be focused.”

“I am a very different person, and Jessie knows that, and she understands that, as do most of my friends and family. I can be a bit snappy over a race weekend.”

“I just need my apartment to be simple, easy, so I can come in, do my thing, and leave again, pack and repack and leave. It’s been my life for 16 years now – you get used to travelling the circus.”



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