How Zumba Classes Gave Lorraine Kelly her Shape


Lorraine Kelly finally revealed how her Zumba class helped her in achieving the best body shape. We cannot deny that the 55-year-old presenter really got the greatest shape of her life. That’s why, many people are wondering, what is her secret? Well, the credit’s given to her fitness instructor, Maxine Jones. In this article, we will discover how Zumba help Lorraine’s body in shaping up.

 Lorraine and Maxine

A few years ago, Lorraine discovered this kind of workout while she was on Spain for a holiday. After which, she started to look for a fitness class that’s near her house. She then found and attended Maxine’s classes. After dropping two dress sizes, Lorraine expressed how confident she is now with her figure. ‘I never had a waist – I didn’t have that curviness, but I have now and I look better,’ she declared.

Dancing doesn’t just made Lorraine become fit, but it also helped in changing her attitude. ‘Zumba feels like being 18 again at a disco. After each class, I feel physically and mentally better… ‘For that hour, you’re concentrating on the routine, so everything else falls away.’ For now, she combines her weekly Zumba sessions with Pilates workout to maintain her firmness. ‘My arms used to be the bane of my life. I never used to show them, but now they’re toned. You wouldn’t believe it’s taken me until 55 to feel more confident about myself because, like most women, I used to go on these stupid diets and they don’t work,’ Lorraine reveals.

You might want to check out these routines being used by Lorraine:



This exercise focuses on the elbows down to the knees. To do this, you have to put your feet apart and then lift your heels from the floor. Bend the knees and then make a side-to-side twist. While doing this, make sure that your arms are bent at a shoulder level and that they are moving as well with every twist.


Belly Dancing

Start with the right leg. Move it forward and raise the left arm upwards while the right arms stays in your front. The elbow must be slightly bent. The fingers on the right must face forward while you move your elbow towards the body and moving it out again. While doing this, flex your hips up and down.



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