H&M is making a hit on normal-sized swimsuits!

jennie runk on-swimsuit

One of the world’s known clothing company, H&M, was praised as it made a good move of showing off new beachwear lines using a normal sized model, Jennie Runk. Normal sized for H&M means a size 12. Everyone is loving how Runk displayed the newest swimwear on H&M’s website.

Before coming up with this huge achievement, the company was criticized for contracting “unhealthily thin” models. But now, this wise move has finally able to present “”a model who can illustrate this collection in an inspiring and clear way.”

Jennie surely made the brand proud even though it doesn’t show. With her gorgeousness and breathtaking pictures, she has just attracted more people to support the H&M line even more. For this, we know, H&M will generate more sales. In addition, the ads that brand released really made a hit! H&M really is to be congratulated!



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