Farrah Abraham Could Not Contain Happiness on the Results of Her Third Boob Job

farrah abraham third boob job photos

Earlier this month, Farrah Abraham proudly shows off the success of her latest boob job. On October 16, the “Teen Mom” star undergone her third surgery. This was done to relieve her suffering from the debilitating pain and on and off burning sensation surrounding her breasts which were brought by her previous surgeries. From the 650cc implant, Abraham went up to 800cc implant.

“I am so happy with my breast reconstruction from Dr.Linder,” Abraham tells Toofab. “The newest implants are amazingly full — every woman is going to start wanting SRX to decrease the chances of inflammation and scar tissue.” She also said that she wants to learn more from Dr. Linder during her studies for doctorate in aesthetics and plastic surgery.

farrah abraham photo after third boob job

Being happy and satisfied with the results, the 24-year-old reality TV star even posted some pictures after the operation, one of which is showing her topless in Dr. Linder’s office with line marks around her breasts. Another one is a post-op photo which shows the same fitted orange dress she’s wearing before. She must really be happy with her new ones.

Previously, Abraham talked about how she wants to become a plastic surgeon that she took on an apprenticeship in Miami. “For the good and for the bad, I have experienced things. I think that’s why I now feel even more confident at being the best plastic surgeon I can be,” Abraham told toofab. She also said she already know how to help others by recognizing and staying away completely from the mistakes she experienced in the plastic surgery world.

Abraham went under the knife for a couple of times before. Aside from the three boob jobs, she also underwent rhinoplasty, lip implant, chin implant and cheek augmentation.



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