Elsa Hosk & Jac Jagaciak: Too Slim for VS Angels

Victoria’s Secret Angels Elsa Hosk and Jac Jagaciak had their recent photoshoot at Venice Beach for the new athletic line. Their photos showed that two fit girls really enjoyed displaying off their toned figures on the camera. But then, despite their sexy bodies, most people are looking for the girls’ missing muscles as they have been promoting fitness, right?

too slim for VS 1

Hosk and Jagaciak may have proven that they are really working hard for their slim figures; Elsa is on to the gym six days a week. She’s doing boxing, barring and lift weights to maintain her frame. Meanwhile, Jac, who is a former track and field runner, comes from a fitness-focused family. She never misses to do workouts, yoga and gym exercises every single day. When it comes to diet, Elsa consumes nutrient-rich meals and makes sure that she takes in enough protein and Jac foloows a low carb diet. But most people are asking, aren’t they too slim?

too slim for VS 2

Victoria’s Secret has been criticized for photoshopping some of their models to make their body appear leaner and bulkier. In 2011, a photo of Angel Candice Swanepoel showed an extra bulk on her arms.

While maintaining their slim frame, we can’t help but think that these girls may be getting too lean. Being models of healthy lifestyle for the young audiences, they might as well have to make their bodies more “fitness-centered” instead of “thin-centered.”



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