Dirty South’s Music Was Used For Victoria’s Secret Ad

Almost every form of popular culture now uses EDM or electronic dance music including movies, radio, advertisements and fashion. You can hear them anywhere you go. When it comes to producing EDM, one of the best names we can hear of nowadays is Dirty South. This Serbian-Australian DJ and record producer became the talk of the town whe he recently decided to team up with lingerie expert, Victoria’s Secret.

A commercial which features Dirty South’s “Tunnel Vision” as the background song was just released by the lingerie company. On the 15-second advertisement, the dark and sexy attitude of the music perfectly fitted the shots of the beautiful models who are showing off the company’s push-up bras.

dirty south teams up with VS

South even bragged it on Facebook when he posted it with the caption, “Soooo cool to see my song ‘Tunnel Vision’ in a Victoria’s Secret ad!!! Buy your push up bras now everyone!!!” This commercial for sure will make more audiences like Dirty South especially those who haven’t heard yet of his name.



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