Did Kendall Jenner Replaced Jourdan Dunn On Victoria’s Secret Show?

jourdan dunn kendell jenner rihanna victorias secret

For three years, we have seen Jourdan Dunn walked on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but for this year, the model did not participate. Rumors spread that this has something to do with Rihanna’s dropping out from the show.

The 25-year-old model took to Twitter to express her anger with VS during the time when they announced that the 20-year-old Kendall Jenner will be appearing in the show for the first time. “Feeling so much better about not doing BS… sorry I mean VS now that Rihanna isn’t doing it also,” Jourdan tweeted, just moments after Rihanna said that she will not be coming to the show. The Twitter post was also deleted by Kendall afterwards. The reason is that either she really did not want to participate or the VS have not invited her to join this year. But with her post, it seems like the latter one is the reason.

So, is Rihanna’s backing out on the show, Jourdan Dunn’s not participating for this year and Kendall Jenners first VS Fashion walk really connected to each other?



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