Dean Devlin promotes ‘The Librarians’ second season

This week marks the comeback of “The Librarians” for its second season. got the chance to interview the executive producer of the television series during the promotion at New York Comic-Con. “If you put the right humans in a room together…magic happens,” Dean Devlin shared. He must be really proud of how great the new team of the season is.

“In the first season, there was this big question of who are you, why are you here, so this season, it’s really about them coming to appreciate how much better they are when they work together versus when they don’t work together,” Devlin said. With this season, everyone discovers that “there is a special dynamic when they’re together and then that starts to affect how they move forward over the course of the season.” Each of them must be able to learn the strengths and weaknesses of one another, while Eve should be able to “organize this whole thing because it’s all still crazy to her.”

Meanwhile, the villains for the second season are ” fictional characters that have come to life”. “They are confined to the narratives of the books they came from, and when they start to break that narrative, the Librarians don’t know what to do. That shouldn’t happen, and that becomes the dangerous part of it and also the most intriguing part of it,” Devlin said.



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