Cristiano Ronaldo Is In A Relationship With Marisa, His Agent’s Daughter

cristiano ronaldo

One of the best footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has recently announced about his relationship with his Agent’s Daughter named Marisa. It is indeed stated by him that he had dated multiple women. As a high standard man as he is, he needed to choose and figure out of whom of them is better which was recently stated at The Jonathan Ross Show. However, Flash Vidas, a Portuguese source thought that both of them with Jorge Mendes and his daughter has more than just friendship.

As stated in Twitter by Real Madrid Info, “@RMadridInfo: Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly dating Marisa Mendes, the daughter of his agent Jorge Mendes. [Flash Vidas]

cristiano ronaldo marisa mendes

To mention Cristiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes bond, Ronaldo has reportedly bought his agent a Greek island. It is for a wedding gift which is pretty breathtaking in terms of the closeness of their friendship. For more, in Ronaldo’s Movie, Mendes plays an important role, stating that Ronaldo sees him both as a father, and a brother.

In stating his previous relationship, his relationship with a supermodel named Irana Shayk has ended just earlier this year. As for his date Marissa, she has been supportive in Cristiano Ronaldo’s games by attending at Bernabeu to watch his boyfriend regularly. In addition, she was present at the football superstar’s movie premier recently in London to show support. As for more, they are described as “inseparable.”

cristiano ronaldo marisa mendes

It is indeed Cristiano Ronaldo, with his high-standards on dating various beautiful women. It is acceptable to say that he is one of those out-of-your-league kind of man. And as for Marissa, he is considered a lucky man as well. Until then, may his relationship with Marissa be in everyone’s favor just as much as his Agent, Jorge Mendes, approves.



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