The widely-known Pirelli calendar featuring world’s top models with nudity shots which were captured by renowned photographers since 1964. 

The 43rd edition is here which was debuted in London trading the tradition of Cal’s NSFW overt sexuality with 2015’s dressed in BDSM-worthy latex lingerie such as Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, Joan Smalls and other collaborations of Carine Roitfeld and Steven Meisel.

For more, Annie Leibovitz, who was behind the 2016 calendar lens, and was given a choice to cast the famous faces for 12 months, said in the press conference today,

“Pirelli came to me and told me they wanted to shift this year to something different. I made the suggestion that they do women performance artists or women comedians, almost a take-off. I just thought of women I admired and I didn’t let anyone in the studio from Pirelli. It became a very strong set of very simple portraits. No one was supposed to look like they tried in these pictures.”

As she added,

“I still can’t believe the women who agreed to do it, did it. I felt a big responsibility to that — It shouldn’t be a big step, but it is a big step.”

Having said that, the calendar will be featured in a more book-like for 2016 having it involved each woman’s influence and work.

One of the outstanding photo which is Amy Schumer, proudly says,

“Are you kidding? I love my body.”

As she tweeted, 



In addition, check out some of the inspiring and worth-a-thousand-words photos.

agnes april-serena foreword november-patti august-tavi

Do not miss anything, and watch the 2016 Pirelli Calendar Behind The Scenes below!



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