Bandier’s latest capsule collection launch purposely to coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach this week. Bandier being the multi-brand high-end activewear retailer was launched last May.

For more, Bandier is in partner with three contemporary artists around the world who have designed special and unique prints which will appear on bras, leggings, sneakers, and suit tops.

As stated by the Bandier’s chief merchant,

“It’s a collision of creative forces and it’s fun.”

Not only that Bandier had various distinctive art but they were paired by Malarko Hernandez, a U.K. and Spain-based artist who is widely-known for his colorful painting with quirky monsters on buildings in the London’s East End in which his paintings were known and inspired by majority since the 1990s.

As stated by the Bandier’s director of PR, Ashleigh Hults,

“All the colors and patterns are really vivid and bright.”

The artists were leveraging this new medium of activewear, in which people would be on the move in these outfits. It was a way for them to bring their art to life through movement.”


For more, an artist named Upendo Taylor is included to create special collection with Reebok in which it will be exclusively available for six months in Bandier stores before release to other retailers.

As stated by Taylor to Fast Company,

“I was attracted to this partnership because it was something out of the ordinary.”

“It’s a juxtaposition of visuals from the street and apparel that has a purpose and function. I am a big fan of the lifestyle of yoga and this was a way for me to put my stamp on it. It’s strong, it’s bold, but it is also fluid with movement and that is parallel to my art.”

Last but not the least, another artist who is a New York based is named Christopher Lee Sauve. He is to create graphic pattern for yoga pants and bras.

As stated by him,

“I am influenced by JC de Castelbajac, Francois Marie Banier, Basquiat, and ’80s punk rock.”

“I love the movement of sport. I find it quite inspiring and I tried to convey this movement in my print.”

There are other various of designers included in Bandier as well. All in all, it expresses uniqueness and creativity with the design of each outfits.




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