invisalignAre you sick of having that overbite?

According to Kristen Berning who is a dentist and Invisalign provider at Exceptional Dentistry of the Tri-State Region, stated that the process of Invisalign consist of a clear plastic aligners which should be worn for two weeks, and in result, it will eventually shift your teeth. For more, experts agreed that Invisalign is one of the effective ways to gradually straighten your teeth.

Having said that, do you consider Invisalign to straighten your teeth?

The following information are the things you need to know: 

  1. Consult a Dental or Orthodontic Professional First. 

Experts say, most people can use Invisalign. However, if you have history on gum disease or problems, loose teeth, or even Temporomandibular Joint Disorder which causes pain in the jaw, it is best to consult a dental professional first.

2. Braces Can Be a Better Substitute Depending On Teeth Condition

Invisalign is stated to work faster than those of traditional braces. Unlike Ivisalign, braces only are attached in the front part of the teeth, while Invisalign covers the entire teeth which result to a more quicker straightening. However, for teeth that are more complicated, twisted, and crooked – Braces is preferably recommended than Invisalign.

3. Have Orthodontic Insurance

Have orthodontic insurance which ranges from $2,000 to $7,000. To ensure a payment method is an interest-free way when spreading out the payments.

4. Make Sure Your Cavities Are Taken Care Of

It is important to seek the dentist first, to make sure you have any pesky cavities filled. With this, liners will not fit well and the results can lead to troublesome.

5. Eating or Drinking Should Be Avoided While Wearing Aligners

To refrain your Invisalign to appear discolored, avoid letting it stain with juice, wine, and other foods. Afterwards, always clean your Invisalign thoroughly.

6. AcceleDent Is An Optional Device to Make The Process Faster 

If you’d like to get your teeth straightened as quick as possible, there is an FDA-medical device that potentially speed up the process by 50%

According to Manal Ibrahim who is an orthodontist at Innovative Orthodoontic Centers in Illionois stated that using this is good for one week instead of two. In beneficial, it helps reduce discomfort during the process.

7. Long-Term Commitment

You have to be committed in wearing the clear retainers for 20-22 hours each day! If on second thought you can’t maintain this, brace is definitely what you need instead.

8. Put On Retainer Afterwards

After the process of wearing Invisalign is complete, you’ll need to purchase Vivera retainers which is recommended to wear approximately for four or five years. However, it isn’t required. As long as your teeth stays in put, retainers shouldn’t be considered a problem.

9. Make Sure You Are In Constant Contact With a Dentist or Orthodontist

Depending on your teeth condition, it is best to have a constant contact with either of the two. Both can provide you Invisalign, but for a more crooked and complicated teeth. Originally, orthodontist is in more beneficial in treating your teeth with Invisalign.



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